Red red wine lets me do no good


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I just finished printing the boarding passes for tomorrow, meaning that it’s fair enough to say that I’m on my way to Paris. I didn’t pack my bag yet and my glass of red wine already started singing lullabies. Three hours until my ride arrives. I’m considering staying awake until I boarded the plane, but remembering the leg space offered, I know i’ll be in pain waking up. Fetal position is only nice when lying down. I will let the answer on the bottom of my glass decide. “Made in China”. Mm.. maybe not.


Goodnight people

A fresh start.. Again

Sometimes I feel like starting over. Sometimes because I need too, other times because I can. This time it’s a result of strength remaining in a runaway. I have to get back upon my feet, steady and strong. I have a long road to walk and there is only one direction I’m facing, there is only one way I will walk. This morning I realized that life won’t wait for me. Life won’t wait for you. Everything we truly want in life we will have to fight for. You will have to be strong when you’re weak, be happy when sad, to be patient when least wanting to. Do your very best to catch every day, every moment. Cherish every breath you are given. Appreciate the people that love you, be kind to your enemies. In doing so, I am sure that you will face nothing but success. You will gain the balance needed in your life.

Now I have to prepare for my castings of the day. I’m already late. Now what was that about catching the day?


Good morning everyone or “kalimera” as the hotel owner Kostas tells me every morning. I finally returned to Athens after a month of counting days. I’m so happy to finally be here! Yesterday I managed to change my hotel room three times, but now I’ve finally settled into a cute little room with bunkbeds that reminds me of summer camp. Last night my roomie arrived all the way from Oklahoma and before she came here she was the first runner up in Miss U.S.A pageant. Cool huh? As usual I’m drinking my morning coffee that anybody else would consider being poison, to soon get ready for another day of castings. Tonight all of us, the few models that arrived early, are going out. I haven’t been out for a long time so I predict that tonight will be a good night!